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Dan & Miriam Pope

Two Voices...

Recently, an author reviewing our new book “Broken Healer” noted that the book was written “in not one voice, but two, giving the book a dual perspective that greatly enriches the story.” We think that in addition to describing our book, this also sums us up nicely. We are two different people, from different parts of the world, each with our own individual perspectives that greatly enrich our story - together. If you haven’t done so already, read our book, and discover how through everything, Jesus Christ remains faithful to His Word – and to each of us. We hope our story will encourage you and challenge you to hold strong to your faith in the face of adversity. If you have your own story, or if you need prayer, please connect with us!

Life is a ministry...

Dan and Miriam have a long history in the ministry. They have served as youth pastors; have provided retreats and seminars for the children of pastors and missionaries; are sought after as guest speakers at churches and events; and they currently serve as the head pastors of the Open Bible Church in Belvidere, Illinois. Dan and Miriam have two children, Caelan and Rian.

More about Dan & Miriam...

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