Surprises are great when they are filled with things that bring cheer. But what about the unexpected and not so thrilling surprises. On Tuesday I had sinus surgery (not fun) and on Wednesday we received a call from our landlord telling us we would be needing to move because they are selling the house. Those kind of surprises are never fun especially since I am recovering  from my surgery.

My first response was panic, face it I can’t do anything but lay around the house and recover for 2 weeks and what about Christmas and the kids moving from the friends they have just made in the year we have lived in this house.¬†Isn’t that our typical response? Even in the times of such uncertainty we serve a God who is not surprised and is waiting for me to calm down and listen to what His plan is for all of this…the surprise that looks terrible may just turn out to be a surprise that causes us to rejoice of the goodness of God.

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